Apr 2, 2007

The Indian who holds two Guinness records

How many Guinness world record holders do you know? These are extraordinary people who do not reach just personal milestones but become the best in the world in a very concrete sense.

I know just one such person and he holds not just one but now two Guinness world records, and thereby becoming the first Indian to do so (not counting sportsmen I presume :-)

I met Sqdn Leader Jayasimha of Hyderabad at a recent trainers retreat organised by a leading firm. He holds the Guinness record for memory having remembered a series of 200 random items in the same order, and recently made a record as he spoke for a mind-boggling 111 hours continuously, starting from 24th and finishing on 30th March, with breaks of only ten to fifteen minutes in between.

Heartiest congratulations, sir !