Apr 11, 2007

the International Association for Indian Management Research

It's about time that management research in India found an organization to own it. I got an email from my friend Niti Singh who stated:

In light of the low visibility that currently plagues research pertaining to India, we badly need an association that can work towards fulfilling this vacuum. The germination of one such initiative has taken its roots in the form of IAIMR [INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR INDIAN MANAGEMENT RESEARCH], which is based out of Great Lakes at Chennai, and is supported by Yale-Great Lakes Center for Management Research, of which Dr. Venkat R. Krishnan is the director.

The association’s main objective of providing visibility to research pertaining to India will be best served if we provide a common platform for scholars to meet.

You can read more about the IAIMR here. If it can be even close to achieving what the Academy of Management has achieved in the US, then it would be an awesome achievement ! All the best to the IAIMR.