Apr 24, 2007

The Kurkure train

The Frito-Lay India blog tells us that they have a tie-up with Indian Railways to brand a train !

In yet another first, Kurkure became the first brand in the country to have a branded train. In a path breaking initiative, Kurkure has tied up with the South Western Railways to brand 3 summer special trains emanating out of Bangalore (Bangalore-Chennai, Bangalore-Hubli, Bangalore-Nagercoil). These Summer special trains would be branded by Kurkure and would be called the “Kurkure Masti Express”.

According to newsreports South Western Railway had called for bids for a unique initiative called Brand Train, under which a brand name would feature along with the train's name in all announcements, on reserved tickets, on reservation charts, on destination boards of the train, coach indication slips and during all information dissemination about the train.

Hmm, I wonder if they will also offer Kurkure on the house (or train?) for all the passengers?

But seriously, does it make sense for Kurkure to brand a train in today's day and age? Should they not be targeting the family that is flying budget airlines as a more lucrative demograhic? Or does that demographic care more about health food than stuff like Kurkure?

Also remains to be seen what are the other brands jumping on to the wagon (pun intended!)