Apr 24, 2007

Making it worthwhile

Sometimes business blogging seems a one sided conversation, and suddenly something happens like being recognised by peers, other bloggers and it seems good.

But what really makes blogging worthwhile are comments and feedback like this:

I am a finance person , who is a regular reader of your blog. The insights I gained predominantly from your blog , has helped to contribute substantially to the HR strategy of our company.
Wow ! That really made my day. Another stunning feedback was when recently I got an email from a B School student that said:

I am a regular visitor to your blog ... and should attribute some of the grades which I have in my courses to the knowledge and links given in your blog :) Thanks for the good work.

Now, if I could take the credit and add it to my grade sheet retrospectively :-))
Another email that I received reinforced the fact that many HR professionals who come into the function from other functions do not have a network or ready to tap body of knowledge of HR. If this blog helps such people even a little bit that'll be something I'd be proud of. The email said:

i am the human resource head at xyz firm , an advertising agency you may have heard of. we are a full service communications company that offers (besides mainline advertising services) media, pr, crm, healthcare communications, event and talent management...
i just got off your blog (interesting stuff)...and i read that one could email you to bounce off ideas. i am not a human resource professional. i am from advertising (client servicing - i hate that term!!!) who wanted to do something more meaningful than get disrespected by clients everyday.

If my little blog has changed some perceptions about HR I really feel I have done my little bit for the profession :-) On the same lines, a scrap by someone on Orkut stated:
i have been reading thru ur blogs.and.thou we think that hr is the easiest job in the world..after reading thru ur blogs..i found that its not so easy

Heh. Yeah, that's true. Some people might find software coding easier than HR after attempting to do it :-)