Apr 12, 2007

Not Hygiene Anymore?

Post Contributed by regular reader R Karthik:

How many of us HR professionals in today's era still agree that compensation is a non-factor so far as employee motivation is concerned?

How many takers still alive and around for this theory here… (Fred must be turning inside his grave now... :) ) The grounds for establishing this as an empirical finding must have been too strong lest we would not be holding on to this so long.

But it is worth revisiting these theories once in 100 years to see how relevant or otherwise they are to this day.

Why? They may be too anachronous for today's age!

Marketers do that; we all know Kotler was here in India two years ago or so fielding questions from our bold and beastly thinkers about how relevant are his 4Ps to today's business environs!
While he vouched for the sanctity of his 4Ps; he was wise enough to introduce a few more Ps realizing that it would prove a pro-active exercise to revisit them and explore scope for enhancements.
And we must admit he struck gold!

So let's advert to the afore-said thought again!
The thinkers of the past have bequeathed pearls of wisdom upon us in postulating these theories.
But fraternity! Won't they become dogmas unless we keep revisiting them and reviving them from time to time?