Apr 14, 2007

Rediff vs Technorati

I wanted to check out the Technorati profile of Rediff.com CEO Ajit Balakrishnan's blog, and instead I got an error message that says:

There are blogs, and then there's whatever you just typed in. If it's a blog, we don't know about it. Maybe you made a typo. Or maybe it's a blog that doesn't exist. Maybe you don't exist. (In which case, please ignore this.)

Technorati doesn't provide any link by which we can tell it that rediffiland.com is a "sort of" blogging service. The problem I guess is that Rediffilands do not offer RSS feeds which is readily 'read' by feed readers. I am not a technical geek by any chance, but it does offer a non-xml feed whose URL looks like " http://ajitb.rediffiland.com//scripts/diary_rss.php " for Ajit's blog.

Is that what is costing the Rediffilanders to become actual islanders in the blogosphere?
Shouldn't rediff be doing something about it?

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