Apr 10, 2007

Targetted recruiting

US Army recruiters are approaching extreme sports players to hire potential army recruits (Hat tip: Praneeth Reddy)

CPX Sports in Joliet looks like the perfect playground for paintball players, but army recruiters see something much different: a field of potential new recruits.

"We probably gain about 50 leads from people interested in the Army each time we come out," said Maj. Levie Conway, U.S. Army Recruiter.

"It's pretty much all of us playing army, so especially some of the younger kids that are coming out might be looking at something like that for a career," said paintball player Lonnie Colson.

"Usually the people that are interested in paintball have a propensity toward enlisting into the United States army. So what we have to do is just get them to get a chance to speak to an Army recruiter," Maj. Conway said.

Maj. Conway says because of the success the Army's already seen with this program, they are now looking at targeting other extreme sports that appeal to players in their target demographic.

Wow ! I'm impressed !