Apr 11, 2007

Top Learning & Development terms

Donald Taylor compiles a list of 120 'top' terms that Learning & Development professionals should know and asks what should be added to it?

Here is my list to add to Don's:

  • Learning Objectives - What is the overarching learning objective for a program? Most organizations put a "laundry list" of 8-10 learning objectives from a program that lasts 2-3 days. What are the two key learnings you'd like participants to take away?
  • Performance Consulting - I notice Don has Performance Improvement and Support in his list, but Performance Consulting enables a L&D person to diagnose the issue better.
  • Case Study - An often undermined way to facilitate learning.
  • Role Play - The closest that you can get to real life and experiment with different modes of behavior.
  • Human Process - Understanding where the group is and what are the processes that are playing under the surface.
  • HPT

What would you add to Don's list?