May 3, 2007

Delhi, the HR carnival, and other links

I'll be traveling from this evening to Sunday to Delhi (in Gurgaon, actually) to deliver a training program for one of my clients. Hence there will not be any posts on the blog till next week.

However, if you are in Delhi, do give me a call and we can meet for a cup of coffee or a mug of beer.

For folks interested in HR, you can read the high quality content at the sixth carnival of HR being hosted by Susan Heathfield of HR.

The Big 4 blog tells us that PricewaterhouseCoopers has let out the family secret of how much money their partners make (well, almost) !

The Businesspundit reviews the book Made to Stick, which looks at at ideas that people tend to remember and pass on.

We've all heard how bloggers are trigger happy journalist wannabes who don't really check facts before they hit that 'publish' button. Ex-Reliance Retail CEO Rajeev Karwal describes how "actual" journalists are not so much better too.

Dilip looks at how humans have become their own hostile force and therefore invented themselves.

Jason Davis says goodbye to and goes on to !

Dave Lefkow looks at video resumes in reverse (in our age they used to call it corporate recruitment videos ;-)

Prof. Madhukar Shukla looks at the "effective tax rates" that large corporates pay in India. Be prepared to be surprised ;-) (as usual)

Self-reflection, in a new way, by writing letters to yourself. Penelope Trunk tells you how !

Niladri shares his experiences of buying stuff in the flat world ;-)

Mohit Kishore shares an article on "structured procrastination". Now that is something I would like to know more about :D

Have a good week and weekend, people !