May 7, 2007

Exit interviews

Talking on HR processes that are meant for a purpose only to get subverted, Sanjay the HR consultant talks about exit interviews:

Recently I met a lot of people who quit their respective organisations and the common complaint across various organisations was that their organisations really made it terrible for them to complete their exit formalities. It took tremendous amount of effort for them to get all the clearances and then a lot of back and forth before the final settlement was done.

I also met a few organisations who want to work on a program to get some of their alumni back to their organisations and some of these organisations were willing to put in quite a lot of time, effort and money into the assignment.

The surprising part was that there was a lot of common names between the first set of companies and the second :-). It made me wonder how would they achieve it if they did not make the parting a happy experience for the employee.

That's because people who leave organizations are viewed sometimes as 'traitors' (if they are thought to be joining the competition), but never as 'ambassadors' (consulting firms do this wonderfully well, as they know that future business will come if their 'alumni' are happy ;-)

The other reason is that while during recruitment there is a 'single point of contact' for the candidate, there is no such person during the exit process. Coupled that with the fact that the exit process has inter-departmental handovers that cover IT, HR, Payroll, Administration and Finance, and you have a disaster waiting to happen.