May 1, 2007

Indian HR Consultants going the KPO way

It's not just FMCG sales folks (like a couple of friends who are either country managers and brand managers with firms like Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever and P&G in other parts of Asia).

Even Indian HR consultants are becoming resources for their global firms like Hewitt Associates, E&Y and KPMG's HR consulting groups to deliver consulting services in not just other countries in South Asia or the Gulf countries.

In addition, there is also the delivery of remote analytical and consulting services to places as far off as the Caribbean. HR consulting KPO, anyone?

Of course, salary survey administration for the US market has been in vogue in the Indian market by some of the biggest players. But that was the BPO end of the spectrum.

Is HR consulting the first domain that India has grabbed from the BPO-KPO end to the consulting end of the spectrum?