May 24, 2007

Not getting a project

Today a client got back to me after some time, that I would not get a coaching project they had approached me (along with other consultants) to submit a proposal for.

It was a great opportunity as the project was of a global nature and the people to be coached are globally located and very senior executives.

I thought I'd just share my disappointment on this I am not feeling particularly insightful to say anything else.

Ah well... Looks like I have to wait till I really go global :-)

Well, failure is a huge mirror. It brings one face to face with one's own inadequacies and for a chap like me is not a very easy pill to swallow. Whenever I have faced failure in the past, I've taken it quite personally, as a statement on my personal capabilities, even if at the cognitive level I know that there are other factors apart from just me, that are affecting the results, like great and ,possibly better, competitors, lack of subject matter, previous experience in a related field etc.

I guess I'll take a couple of days to bounce back.