May 12, 2007

Recruiting through Second Life

Do you want to apply for a job at Microsoft, but you're not in the US?

Have no fear, 'cause Second Life is here.

Microsoft's international recruiter-and-blogger (and good friend) Priya says it here

We're participating in a worldwide virtual career fair in Second Life from May 15th through 17th. Second Life is a very cool, wildly popular virtual world, and we'll be meeting and interviewing candidates during the job fair on "TMP Island", so named because of the career fair hosts, TMP Worldwide.

In fact, recruiting through Second Life is becoming all the rage, as this Fortune article shows. It's not just tech recruiting even consulting firms like PA Consulting of the UK used SL for recruiting consultants.

And it's not just recruiting. IBM now is using Second Life to conduct employee orientation and mentoring!

Intrigued? Read more about Second Life here.