May 7, 2007

The Talent Manager

During my visit to Gurgaon I found out that at least two organizations (one a FMCG company) and the other a telecom firm are looking at having a person for a role of a "Talent Manager".

On asking what is this role responsible for, the concrete reply I received was the Talent Manager will focus on Succession Planning.

While it was heartening for me to know that organizations are looking at someone doing this role (as you might know, I think succession planning is a key process that organizations do not think through too much!), what was disturbing was realising that they need a person to look after it entirely.

In my view succession planning is not an isolated process and ties up with capability building very strongly, hence it should ideally be an OD professional who looks at succession planning issues. Also because succession planning will result in culture and climate impacts on an organization or team, when it is just started.

When we look at creating new roles for some outcomes one should ideally look whether it makes sense from both a process as well as the structure side. Otherwise the effectiveness would hardly be achieved.