Jun 28, 2007

Jobster, RecruitingBlogs.com and Non-Competes

It's always painful to hear when two good friends have a disagreement that leads to lawyers calling, getting featured on TechCrunch, but thankfully, all's well that ends well.

I consider both the Jasons to be online buddies, Jason Davis, founder of Recruiting.com and now behind the MySpace of recruiters, RecruitingBlogs.com as well as Jason Goldberg, CEO of Jobster.com

In all the learning from this episode seems to be that a very heavy handed approach towards communities does not work. It might not be a great idea to call in the lawyers without trying to work it out between friends.

It shows that even when a CEO gets blogging and social media, the rest of the 'management' might not. And sometimes that traps even a web 2.0 company in a dual bind, between the openness of the collaborative world and the old control and command ways of the past.