Jun 25, 2007

Knowledge Circulation

Shawn at Anecdote is thinking about cases in the private and public sectors where an "up or out" policy exists. He calls for a set of principles around knowledge circulation to help such firms from not losing the knowledge gained.

For firms that compete mainly on the basis of their IP and knowledge of clients and industries, knowledge loss is not just a intellectual exercise. It is imperative for competitive success and even survival.

Most firms usually have processes that help to keep a track of such knowledge. Whether by explicit means (by means of an IT enabled system) or by socialisation processes where the "know-hows" are passed by seniors and experts to juniors.

What is also more encouraging is that firms like these are also looking at alternate career tracks for people to grow. Slowly, consultants and others are realising that 'partner or bust' is not the only way to grow, and one can move out of client engagement roles to become industry and functional subject matter experts.