Jun 6, 2007

Some friends' articles

Mohinish Sinha in Times' Ascent Gyan Guru column talks about new approaches to leadership. In this article he blames Taylor for the issues facing organizations today:

My point is about how the die is cast for employees to be disengaged and
un-empowered. Herein, lays the challenge for the leader. So how do you as a
leader wake up your employees to their potential and freedom, while operating
within the same organisation structures and “norms” as prior?
A simple
answer is “By being the example of what you want your employees to be”. In my
work with leadership in organisations, I have found that this is one of the most
powerful catalysts for cutting through the limitations of the hierarchical
structure and which encourages employees to take charge of their own
professional lives rather than looking for it from outside.

Also in the Ascent Shubham Rai publishes the result of a survey he did along with a colleague on why people switch careers.

Out of the 100 interviews,
47 say their career decisions were
collectively influenced,
53 say, given a choice they would shift their
careers, after establishing themselves for at least 3 years in ‘conventionally
secure (financially)’ professions.
67 say that they were discouraged,
diverted, or influenced away from their dream careers and aspirations, early on
in life,
77 say that financial uncertainty is the key factor, which averts
them from selecting unconventional careers!

Blogging will resume from next week, as I am busy delivering training programs and traveling.

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