Jul 5, 2007

Google vs Microsoft

Thanks to Heather's post I stumbled upon this blog which shows (apparently) an internal Microsoft email that compares how Google is a place to work compared to Microsoft.

Some interesting perspectives from the note (which is by an ex-Microsoft employee, who joined Google and was later hired back into Microsoft)

The culture at Google is very much like the old culture at Microsoft – back when the company felt like most employees were in their mid 20’s. These kids don’t have a life yet so they spend all of their time at work

Most people don’t actually have a 20% project. Most managers won’t remind you to start one.

There is no career development plan from individual contributor to manager. Basically if you get good reviews, you get more money and a fancier title (“Senior Software Engineer II”) but that’s about it.

Google has no facility for career growth. Microsoft has more, but could do better.

a “Developer” gets a workstation, a second workstation or a laptop, and a test machine. You’re free to visit the Tech Stop to swap any of the machines for any of the others in those categories.

Seems like free food at Google is a big deal, and from friends who have visited the Googleplex at Mountain View I have heard first hand accounts of rave reviews about the food. Seems like "free lunch" does get you a lot of employee benefits ;-)

Oh, and incidents like this posting by an anonymous Microsoft employee posting internal emails also is a challenge to both Microsoft and Google's approach to employment branding.

As more and more transparency rises amongst people, and organizations start losing control of communications, how are HR and communications people within organizations ready to handle the changing times?