Jul 31, 2007

HR News from the industry

Global HR consulting firm Hewitt Associates had apparently botched up big time for allocating retirement funds for former Enron employees, and is likely to be fired from the job.

How ironic that a job site needs to layoff its own employees. Sadly, Monster in the USA is slashing 800 jobs :-(

HR Consulting firm Towers Perrin acquires employee survey and research firm ISR. Towers-Perrin has still not entered the Indian market. I wonder if they are missing the bus in one of Asia's most dynamic markets ?

ZDNet advises recruiters to look for alternate professions because it feels:

Once employers start offering serious money to any Tom, Dick, or Harriet that can find them the talent their looking for, it hardly makes any sense for them to take the relatively monolithic approach of using single professional recruiter or recruiting firm to get positions filled.

I disagree, a recruiter will always be needed, its just that the barriers to entry will be very high (compared to the low levels right now). It's a little similar to the example that CRM software did not eliminate the needs for salespeople :-)

Maybe now is the right time to be a banker!

Workers are more likely to leave a job in 6-12 months now. No we are not talking about India, but Singapore.

Watson Wyatt Worldwide takes over German firm Heissmann, an actuarial, benefits and human resources consulting firm.