Jul 24, 2007

The Professor as the Headhunter

From Businessweek.com The Professor Is A Headhunter
"Around the country, B-school and undergraduate professors with ties to big companies routinely recommend their best students as potential hires. Of course, recruiters continue to avail themselves of campus job fairs and more traditional means of scouring for talent. But more often than most students realize, money is part of the recruiting process. Sometimes the school benefits, as happens at the University of Houston. In other situations, professors themselves receive the corporate largess.

Direct payments to professors who offer recruiting tips are rare, according to company and campus officials. Instead, professors who receive corporate consulting fees or research grants sometimes pass along promising names as part of their relationship with companies hungry for talent."

Yes, for lots of students the recommendation of their professors is seen as objective and can really tip the scales between choosing which workplace to join. How much longer before companies in India add this aspect to their 'campus relationship program' ?