Jul 14, 2007

Reason for Attrition - Not keeping commitments

When I wrote this post I missed out on one of the most basic reasons for employee attrition - not meeting stated commitments.

Check this email that an MBA student of the class of 2007 sent me a few months after joining one of the leading US based IT consulting firms.

Hi Gautam,
How are you? I needed a little help from you. As you know I joined XYZ Corp. as business consultant as a campus hire.
However, the job turned out to be very different from the way it was projected, even the commitments made at the time of the hiring no longer stand true because of a change in a lot of things on the organisational scale.
Thus, the experience in this past two months has been really bad, wanted to change jobs.
Am not the kind of person who changes job so fast, was planning to stick to XYZ no matter what at least for a year, but the more time i spend here, realising that the more am losing as my job is equivalent to a call center job, just reading out regular lines to customers! with no defined career path and experience here only gives me more calling jobs...
So was wondering if I can forward my CV to you and see if anything can be done!
Please let me know

One of the cardinal sins of recruiting and doing huge damage to your employment brand on MBA campuses is not honoring your commitments. Organizations that do that, destroy their brand for coming years too. With demand for good management talent far outstripping supply that is pretty suicidal to do. Campus recruiting should be a carefully crafted long term initiative not short term at all.

Oh yes, and if you are looking for a fresh MBA in marketing from a decent B School, let me know.