Jul 8, 2007

Weekend Links

Entrepreneur Abhishek Rungta has some contrarian advice for wannabe entrepreneurs
"I strongly suggest that a new business should be started during the "low-tide", i.e. when markets are not doing well and industry sentiments are not positive. It helps in many ways"

How does Open Space, a large scale interactive process (LSIP) work? Anecdote blog points us to a video on YouTube

Steve Pavlina has a post on how to make a smart decision in 60 seconds.

Tom Peters shares why "low cost" will never be a lasting advantage. Love that quote "Things that are too good to be true are too good to be true."

Ryan Healy
on Brazen Careerist shares the Gen Y view on holidays and work, and can they be the same thing.

The Evil HR Lady on "Title Mania". Hmm... I wonder why it's called man-ia ;) ?

Ouch ! Shivam, I assure you, such HR people are the exception. I hope.