Aug 6, 2007

Aastha's Confessions

In her post Aastha muses:

HR/OD the way they function today can get to be an incessant fight against mediocrity. All noble and everything. But there are days when its just so damn boring! Who wants to spend everyday of their lives trying to work around office-jerks, reduce the impact of management-centric thinking, and widen the crevices in the ceilings so that the people who do actually work can get some more oxygen in there! Oh well, I do.

So OD/HR folks what would be your ideal job description? What would you love to do? I think it's also skewed because of the kind of people we are. To use the MBTI typology, an INTP (like me ;-) would love to architect OD solutions, while an ENFP would love to work with people, optimistically, and make it a possibility.

But personality type is only one input to answering that question "What is of interest to me?" The other inputs are things that role models have done, what choices one has made in life and the life goal , if one has one :-)