Aug 14, 2007

Out of control turnover

Kris Dunn of the HR capitalist blog points to his article on on Good vs Bad Turnover (or employee attrition as we call it here in India).

Well, as one of my ex-bosses used to say, just that piece of data is not too useful. Managers and HR professionals must need to understand how to minimize the "bad turnover" (attrition that the organization does not want) as different from the "good turnover" (thank god the guy left!)

How to do that? Simple, my ex-boss said.

Classify the bad turnover by really going down to the reasons and seeing how much of a leeway the manager and the HR professional had in controlling that reason.

The high performer in quality wanted to make a lateral move to sales, and you couldn't give her a decent answer why she couldn't? Sorry, both the manager and the HR professional have to take the blame for that bad turnover.

However if that excellent performer in marketing needed to move to Delhi because his parents' health is not doing too well, and your organization does not have a Delhi office, then it's a case of "out of control" turnover. Don't fret.

So as a manager and a HR professional your goal should be to ensure that all the bad turnover that happens is "out of control". Perhaps one of the rare cases of Out of Control being good :-)