Aug 17, 2007

Psychometric tests are useful?

Came across this post on McArthur's blog:

92% of the 200 plus recruiters surveyed find psychometric testing to be either “useful” or “very useful”. This, the report claims, is down to the suggestion that academic qualifications give little indication of how graduates will perform in the workplace especially in “soft skills” areas such as communication skills.

I for one am very very sceptical about using psychometric tests for recruitment. For one, even "well-known" tests like MBTI are advised not to be used for recruitment purposes. It presupposes that the firm has achieved to understand that only certain "types" of people will do well in certain roles. What they forget to remember is that psychometrics is not an infallible science. It mostly points a direction to a person's preferred sets of behaviors. Using it for selection and recruitment is not very different from using astrology to recruit people.

Selection must always be on the basis of a candidates' past record of achievements in similar or related roles. Tests or simulations that give a result on a job-related skill would not technically be a psychometric test.