Sep 18, 2007

Filling the Talent Gap

How to Fill the Talent Gap -

Interesting article that focuses on the truth that really matters:

Successful companies understand and exploit the capabilities that let them provide unique value to their customers. Your talent-management initiatives should focus on building those capabilities among your employees.

The best-in-class firms that we examined had talent processes that were marked by deep commitment, high levels of engagement and widespread accountability among senior leaders, line managers, human resources and the talent prospects themselves.

P&G for instance, focuses on identifying and developing talent at the local level and then integrating those people into regional and group talent pools as their careers progress. The company has an automated tracking system that can identify candidates inside the company who have the skills and experiences required for important assignments around the world -- letting the company fill key roles much faster and more efficiently. The company also tracks its hires and monitors the success rates of these people placed into key roles.

The issue is, business tactics and strategy changes from month to month and year to year, however the result of serious talent management interventions only come to light in the long term. So when the direction of the firm changes, the talent management systems need to be evaluated and changed as soon as possible, and calls for change management efforts to address uncertainty amongst the minds of employees. Hence if a business really wants its strategy to be executed as it plans then thought has to be given to how the talent management systems will also change. And this conversation has to be proactive and not reactive.