Sep 17, 2007

Google ties up with CapGemini

Is this the start of enterprise 2.0 ? TechCrunch reports:

CapGemini, who control a million or so enterprise desktops and are one of the largest IT consulting businesses, will offer Google Apps to its clients. Google Apps include services such as email, calendar, word processing and spreedsheets.

CapGemini, which has distributed desktop applications from Microsoft and IBM (Lotus Notes) for years (and will continue to do so), says this is the move towards the trend of “team productivity.” Traditional Microsoft products, they say, are geared towards individual productivity. What they are referring to is Google Docs’ most important feature - the ability for users to collaborate over documents online, and simultaneously.

CapGemini will collect a £25 licence fee for each install, plus additional fees for service and maintenance.