Sep 5, 2007

Hiring through the blog

Today's Times Ascent has an article how HR managers and recruiters can hire people by evaluating their blog postings.

In my view that kind of 'selection process' would only work for a very limited number of roles, that make use of written skills and require people to have an opinion.

Of course, there are specialised blogs that talk about stuff like programming and coding and a software recruiter can actually trawl such blogs to shortlist prospective candidates. However, you can't really rely only on blog posts to select such candidates.

However for firms that are keen on tracking the social media landscape hiring a highly visible and networked blogger can help enormously. Like Shel Israel states in this post about Forrester Research hiring A list blogger Jeremiah Owyang.

Amit Agarwal posted a nice analysis of how a start-up gains in traffic when a web celebrity quits their job to join them.