Sep 6, 2007

Indians amongst the top 25 consultants

Consulting Magazine releases its annual list of the top 25 consultants who matter in the profession for 2007 and there are quite a few Indians or People of Indian Origin on the list. Two from companies that are headquartered in India.

Romit Bahl MD of Infosys Consulting

Venguswamy Ramaswamy
director of TCS’ global consulting practice

Punit Renjen leader of Deloitte Consulting’s Merger & Acquisitions Integration Services (MAIS) and Global Leader, Strategy & Operations.

Salil Parekh, executive chairman, Capgemini India.

The other interesting thing about the list is that there are examples like Tamra Chandler, managing vice president of global solutions and people at Hitachi Consulting. As the article says: Chandler’s job title, admittedly, is somewhat schizophrenic. “I have one foot in internal operations and one in external operations. Basically, I’m our chief people officer. I set people strategies,” she says. The internal part directly involves the firm’s culture and operating style. The external part “helps define the way we go to market. I work with our national and global leaders to build out our service offerings,” she continues. Yet, she still finds time to do client work. Chandler is the officer in charge of Hitachi’s Starbuck’s and Safeco engagements. That sounds like a very unusual job description to pull off !

Even Steven Gunby's role at BCG seems to have a big people focus. As his profile states: Gunby assumed his current role in 2004, revenues in the region have doubled, the firm’s officer ranks have grown by 50 percent and attrition has reached an all-time low. Gunby’s numerous recruiting, development and retention initiatives helped the firm earn recognition as the best small company and one of the Top 10 overall companies on Fortune’s annual “100 Best Companies to Work For” ranking.

Another person in the top 25 is Russ Hagey, Chief Talent Officer at Bain & Company.

Then there's Gary Smith, co-founder of Ivy Planning Group has been instrumental in leading diversity education, development and strategy for some of the world’s largest companies.

Seems like the people focus, attracting and developing consultants is as much a key skill for consulting firms as getting and keeping clients !