Sep 18, 2007

Rob to sell Businesspundit

I saw Rob's post on Twitter about it and then I read his post. I envy him the courage to walk away from his creation and I know that it takes a man of courage to do that. Rob's was one the first business oriented blogs that I started to read and loved his views because they were not customised as he says to "say what people want to hear"

His posts are deeply thought out and challenge people to think differently. Apparently people don't like doing that. I love it, but I guess not everybody does. Rob was one of the people to always question new fads and one line that stays in my mind after so many posts is "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is"

Rob is a skeptic. In the world that values quick fixes and instant solutions, that is a rare ability. He says that Businesspundit's technorati rankings have been falling and that's sad. I think it's the bane of media of any form. Once others appear who give people views that don't contradict their worldview and don't make them nervous, they lose ground.

Thankfully Rob will still be at Businesspundit until February, but I guess after that I'll unsubscribe. A blog is not a newspaper or TV channel. It is the person whose voice gets articulated in the blog.

For me Rob May will always be Businesspundit.