Sep 24, 2007

Work Life Balance

What exactly is work life balance? What is the 'balance' between work and life? And how different is 'life' from work?

As Abhijit says:

To be ahead of the competition, we are all putting in longer hours at the workplace. How many of you still pursue the hobbies and sports that gave us so much joy and meaning when we were growing up. If we revived them today, those would rejuvenate us and prevent burnout in the workplace. WLB means being able to find the time for the roles that rejuvenate. That could mean being with family for some or listening to music or going for a trek to discover Nature.

And Rob blogs about a book;

Larry Winget's book It's Called Work For a Reason: Your Success Is Your Own Damn Fault is one of the most unique business books I have ever read. The gist of the book is that stuff doesn't get done at your office because people aren't working, they are goofing off.

So what is the option to these two extreme positions? Between achieving success by sacrificing life or by choosing life and sacrificing the normal trappings of success.

The disconnect is that we have different expectations from work. For some of us, work is the path to a good life. We do not necessarily love what we do, but we do it for the things we get materially or emotionally by doing it. The car, the apartment, best schools for the kids.

For others, the reason of work is not the ends but work itself. As Karthik mentions in his email signature, a quote by Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes - "the profession is its own reward"

The first group of people want or aspire for Work Life balance. That's because in their minds the two are distinct entities. For the second group, work is life and life is work. There is no way they can segregate the two.

Both these groups look at the other and thinks they are better off than the other side. But are they really? Who are we to say?

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