Sep 5, 2007

Working on the browser

One fine day I discovered that I could add Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo IM to my iGoogle page. This was an amazing discovery !

Now you really don't need to download applications on your desktop anymore. Does this mean that some of us really can get by without very high processing speeds on their laptop and desktops?

Then another day when searching for word documents through Google I discovered that you could really save them as a Google Document if you were logged into Google Accounts. By the way, have you seen the new Google Docs page? It looks like a desktop folder of documents.

Guess folks at Google who look after user interface realised that if the UI was familiar to what they have experienced earlier then usage might be better.

Web Worker Daily today has a cool collection of useful iGoogle widgets that are useful for "independents" and thanks to that I discovered the Google Analytics widget too ! So no need to visit the Analytics page separately to find out if more than a handful of people are reading this blog on any given day.