Oct 20, 2007

Getting Outta-the-[HR] Box

Post from R Karthik:

CII, XLRI Jamshedpur & the NHRDN in conjunction are evolving a competency model for HR profesionals.

Now, that is an interesting endeavour these 3 bodies have embarked upon and the effort has been on for about more than half-an year now. I got an opportunity to be audience for a presentation, one of the steering commitee members on this project was making to a group at Chennai. Some of the best HR minds across the country, i understood, have been handpicked to drive this and we were also enlightened about the methodology they employed to evolve the model.
While the theme of the evening's talk, as pre-announced to us, would by itself keep me at the edge of my seat, I was particularly intrigued to know what competencies would actually constitute 'the mighty model'. As i waited anxiously for 'the slide' to unfold, i was drawing a mind-map of competencies that would be deemed sine qua non for the profession.
The project has just matured beyond a semi-nascent phase as yet and the committee has defined the scope of the competency model to be as follows;
Generic Competencies
-generic technical
-generic behavioral
Technical Competencies
-technical behavioral
(This is only a sincere attempt to recall from last month; excuse me if the above-mentioned scope has something amiss about what it actually is.)
Underneath each head there was quite a long list of individual competencies and this is where to my eyeballs met with dismay.

I have always believed Creativity/the ability to think outta-the-box is a competency desired of any professional not to discount the sharp-witted HR guy. Through my modest 2 & 1/2 years in the profession also, i have seen those professionals who've consciously cultivated that skill have come to be lauded as some of the best and brightest HR minds.

I was a wee bit piqued at this oblivion or should i call it negligence to an all-important skill-set. .
When the floor was thrown open for questions, i raised this point in a manner that would clue the speaker to think on this line and i could not restrain myself from raising it. I could do only as much.
Now with that said, i wish to sound out the readers of this blog (including Gautam) on "is this non-inclusion attributable to commoditization of competencies (or) will a scarcity or bounty in supply determine the inclusion or exclusion in such a model that will find a really wide applicability?".