Oct 30, 2007

HCI webcast

Yesterday night (or rather, today morning) I co-delivered a webcast with Mitzi Adwell of the Newman Group on Staying Ahead of Change: The Importance of the Employment Value Proposition.

It was a great experience for me, for this was the first time I was delivering a webcast :-) Well I have delivered and attended sessions on synchronous e-learning (or virtual classroom) specially when I was in Hewlett Packard, but doing so when I was at home through my laptop and cell-phone was a totally new experience.

My co-presenter, Mitzi Adwell, had a great method to demonstrate what are the components of of EVP and how organizations can get maximum ROI by focusing on what's important for them and what acts as a differentiator.

There was a couple of great questions and discussions post the webcast. In case you missed it, there would be a recast soon. Keep an eye on the HCI webcast page.

My thanks to Mitzi and her colleagues from The Newman Group as well as the team from HCI, Bill Craib, Keith Vencel, Amanda Craig and Sasha Thompson for their support and help.

update: A blog post by a participant on the webcast. Thanks Sevi !