Oct 16, 2007

Integrating Blogs and Social Networking

To me blogging is first and foremost, a way of expressing myself and to a lesser extent, connecting with others.

To connect with others, social networks like Orkut and Facebook are the preferred way (in the US , of course, MySpace would score over Orkut)

Which is why I think that of late social networks have been trying to integrate blogging into social networking. Orkut, being a Google product, has a better integration with RSS feeds to offer one's blogs posts in one's profile.

So if you go to my profile here, you would see this on the left hand navigation bar:

Once you click on these RSS feeds it leads you to a series of my blog posts within Orkut. And this is what it looks like:

Facebook on the other hand, has a couple of very easy applications that integrate your blogs onto your Facebook profile. I use the Flog Blog application which also helps you show off your blog posts on your blog profile.

If you have a Wordpress hosted blog then there's an application specifically for that.

Check out how both look by taking a look at my Facebook profile.

If one has a presence in all these networks and also uses a blog for building a brand and business opportunites, it is a good idea to link all of them together.