Oct 15, 2007

Passion in employees

Thought I'd focus on some answers I've been writing on Linkedin Answers: Here is one that I posted on Sunday:

What can we do to enhance passion amongst employees?

To enhance passion, first and foremost, people have to be doing work that they love.

If a person is seeing his/her work as 'just a job' then you cannot anyway enhance passion. How do you do that? Well, first you have to help employees understand what their talents are. Everyone has a unique set of strengths that we may or may not be using.

There are psychometric tools available to determine that.

Once that clarity is achieved then you can train people on skills that suit their strengths and help them move towards that career path.

That's because a lot of people have landed in careers because of a 'default' mode - do this education and then do that post-graduation because everyone else does it too - and not because we actually chose it.