Oct 18, 2007

Religion and Consulting

This is unusual !!

"At the current time, our lives are very strongly influenced by our economic surroundings," said Joachim Drumm, a theologian who heads up the Department of Church and Society within the Catholic Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, in southern Germany.

So it was a short step from peddling ethics within church walls to spreading the word in the business world, Drumm said.

"The leader of a bank that was undergoing tough consolidation changes came to me and said they were seeking a theologian who could advise them on making the right decisions," he said.

A series of similar requests got Drumm thinking that perhaps there was a market opportunity in the waiting. Along with a handful of other local church leaders, he created KIWI, which is short for Kirche und Wirtschaft, or "church and economy."

"Christians are a big part of the German economy," Drumm said, and noted that the Catholic Church itself -- with its schools, hospitals, daycare centers and old-age homes -- is one of the country's biggest employers overall.

Business leaders are increasingly interested in combining leadership and spirituality, Drumm said, adding that society as a whole is beginning to realize the limitations of pure consumerism when it comes to increasing their quality of life.

"So many people are looking for spiritual depth in their lives," he said. "Everything in our world is becoming faster and aimed at productivity -- but we are losing quality of life at the same time. What is money for if we don't know how to enjoy it?"

Hmm, so now will this catch on? Will we see Hindu-specific management consulting firms opening in India and Nepal, Islamic consulting firms in the Middle East and Buddhist consulting firms in China and Japan?