Oct 29, 2007

Why are HR people not networking?

That's what Frito Lay India's HR Head, Abhijit Bhaduri wants to know:

At a recent gathering, a hundred top HR professionals from around the world were asked if they were members of sites like Orkut or Facebook. Only three embarrassed hands went up. That was stuff for teeny boppers most of them said. Yet if you are fishing in a shrinking talent pool would you rather know what the buzz was about you or would you turn a blind eye (or ear) to it? If you did not know what people were saying about you wouldn't be in a position to impact that opinion. Banning blogging and social networking sites is not a solution. I hope the HR people embrace this change and actually begin to leverage the opportunity to turn their Employer Brand into a Lovemark.

So, what's your excuse? If you're a HR professional on Linkedin, Orkut, MySpace or Facebook, then feel free to connect with me :-)

Saikat Saha has an interesting perspective on Talent Branding, linking to the same issue:

Talent Branding is not new in bollywood, it was there in Sholay too. Don we all still remember the brand called 'Jai','Veeru',Basanti,'Gabbar','Thakur Baldev Singh' , Radha'.The brand 'Sholay' in itself had brands like them. And all these brands were as big if not bigger than the parent brand 'Sholay'.
If your company has the guts and I repeat the word 'GUTS' [I am completely in my senses while using the word] to create such talent brands then only the company's brand would be a long lasting flourishing success.But be careful you kick out the Gabbar Singhs[not literally] and tightly hug[literally] the super hero brands of your company.