Nov 19, 2007

Blogging and Learning

Have been quoted in Education Times' Executive Education section:

“Learning is essentially a social activity, by engaging with others and
understanding different realities and contexts. Blogging magnifies the scope to
engage with others who are spread throughout the world.”Blogging as a tool helps
you learn from various people from your field of work and express to them
better. It leaves more scope for learning as it leaves you more exposed to
different ideas and comments and opinions.
One’s understanding of a topic is raised by having such open and unrestricted access to peers, superiors and opponents. How? Blogging as a tool aids you to connect to others in asynchronous time and therefore has periods of incubation. Another key advantage of the tool would be the fact that anyone on the internet can challenge or support your point of view or idea and might provide you with valid points and research to support their views. This is almost like an auto-check for your literature where the world literally is continuously churning out corrections and add-ons for
your ideas.

Blogging as a means of communication can be used as towards branding,
market research, innovation, consumer insight, hiring, customer service,
marketing and public relations besides giving consumers a platform for voicing
opinions and building an online community. However, the current use of corporate
blogging in India is at a very nascent stage. Expected because corporates in
India are not used to a two-way communication with their stakeholders. Ghosh
adds,“Indian firms have to understand that blogging is also about giving the
organisation a human face.”