Nov 18, 2007

Associating with a Consulting firm t Hyderabad

For people who follow my career, here's an update...

After more than a year of an independent consulting venture, I've bowed to the fact that maybe I can't do it all alone.

Hence, I've decided to join forces with some people who are doing some great and innovative work in HR consulting and outsourcing . Remember the new take on HR outsourcing I talked about? Well, it offers that service.

My role would be two fold. I would be working with them to look after HR service delivery for some ongoing projects and also look at building and delivering new business in HR consulting areas.

Then there's the question of Blogging and Social Media Consulting that Imagence was offering. While the services do not tie into its service offerings, we would evaluate any request for blogging related services by a client and then evaluate if we could deliver it.

In hindsight, working independently is a great learning experience and I loved the flexibility that I got through it. The downside was that if a couple of inquiries for work came in I could not build a longer pipeline of work unless clients had responded to earlier proposals.