Nov 6, 2007

How to make money from blogs

Have been quoted in the Outlook Money article written by Anagh Pal: How to make money from blogs

I feel really honored to be featured in the article along with bloggers of the stature of Kiruba Shankar, Saakshi Juneja, Aaman Lamba, Amit Agarwal. Read the article if you want to understand the basics of making some money from blogging. But remember, the most important factor would be good quality content. Quality content only comes when one is passionate as well as knowledgeable about what one is writing about.

Blogging really is very text based right now. So grammar and quality of writing is a huge factor right now.

Of course, I'm not really in the league of the above mentioned bloggers, either regarding the traffic I get or the money I make from advertising on the blog. Since this blog is a niche one in the business and HR space I'm really not really looking at making it broad based, though that would get me more hits.

There's always a paradox when I sit down to write a new post. Should I write it for my regular readers, who know my POV and understand where I come from, or should I write it for the person who is probably reading this blog for the first time?

Google Analytics and other blog and feed stats applications only give one so much data.

What would you suggest, dear readers? The regular readers as well as the first time readers...

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