Nov 20, 2007

My articles on

You might remember that I posted about a site focused on knowledge sharing and collaboration started by ex-Hewitt Associates consultant Avneet Jolly.

Here are some of my articles that I wrote which you can download from the website

  1. How to get promoted - Focused on the Do's and Don'ts for getting promoted for the first time. I call it building your organizational quotient ;-)
  2. Blogging for Business - Quite self-explanatory. A presentation.
  3. Preparing People for Leadership - You might have read this article on my webpage, but now you can download the document too :-)
  4. The future of HR and Recruiting - Where is the profession headed?
  5. Gazing into the Crystal Ball - If the HR profession is changing what skills must the HR professional build?

Hope you like them. Bouqets are brickbats are welcome :-)