Nov 11, 2007

Old style or new style CEOS

Seems like there is space for everyone.

This post on the Starkman & Associates blog shows how nice guys are certainly not needed when CEOs are hired by Private Equity buy out firms. In fact, seems like they are people who are looking at short term- quarter to quarter thinking from which apparently public firms are being saved when a Leveraged Buy Out occurs.

This post by B Prem Rao focuses on CEO 3.0 version.

Says Prof. Warren Bennis, University Professor and Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and Founding Chairman of The Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California and a thought leader on leadership: "It’s someone who can assemble a team that functions as smoothly as a jazz sextet,” .

The conclusion? Leadership depends on the context like so many things in life. When needed, you have to be ruthless. Other times you have to involve others. It's not an easy thing to understand and predict. However I believe it's not so much about how CEOs and leaders are, as much it is about what they do. It's easy to study the first, but quite difficult to objectively view the latter.