Nov 11, 2007

XLRI summer placements

Seems like Financial Services companies and Consulting companies are laying out the red carpet for the batch that'll be graduating 10 years after ours :-)

Seeing the summer internship stipends they are being paid one wishes that one could do five such internships in a year ;-)) as a consulting assignment. Life would be so uncomplicated then !

With domestic stipends reaching astronomical heights of Rs. 5 Lakhs (Lehman Brothers), the process resulted in the Batch of 2009 being placed in exclusive roles with the best companies in the industry, both from India and abroad. Lehman Brothers, J P Morgan Chase, Hay and Microsoft offered stipends of more than a lakh (for domestic offers), while Novartis, HUL, ABG, P&G, Transworld, Asian Paints and ICICI made foreign offers.
On a serious note, it shows how organizations are taking the battle from the final recruitment process to the summer internship process.

Look at it this way, think about the internship process as a two month long interview process during which the organization and the prospective employee evaluate each other.

The money being paid is just the cost to cut through the clutter.