Dec 7, 2007

Accenture's Consulting focus for India

Accenture's byline is "Consulting. Technology. Outsourcing" after those famous Tiger Woods commercials.

So it was quite evident that the next phase of their India story would be consulting after their initial growth was driven by offshoring Technology and Outsourcing.

''We are very focused on innovative talents management and recruitment in India, and we are on track to meet our global goal of having as many as 2,000 consultants in our centres across India by the end of our fiscal year next August,'' said company Group Chief Executive (Management Consulting & Integrated Markets) Mark Foster.

Accenture currently has a headcount of 15,000 people across the globe involved in management consulting and the India plans are a significant part of its strategy to scale up its workforce in the space by 5,000 people in the next three years.

''India has a significant number of business school graduates and experienced professionals who can fill a major need for consultants with strong analytical, operational, industry and strategic skills,'' said Accenture Managing Director (Management Consulting India) Sanjay Jain.

Interestingly this seems like Consulting outsourcing, and I guess it follows the model of Infosys Consulting, where front end consultants do a major part of the client interface and then send data over to the offshore consultants for analysis and possible suggestions. Thereby, saving clients fees for the onsite resources' time.

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