Dec 7, 2007

Blog Council formed, now what?

Some of the biggest organizations who are also blogging have come together to form a blog council. Shel Israel blogged and probably broke the story first here. It includes organizations like Coca-Cola Company, Dell Computer, General Motors, Kaiser Permanente, Microsoft, Nokia, SAP and Wells Fargo 

The interesting thing would be to see how this evolves. Large organizations really don't like to publicly fail at something. And yet, blogging is not something that can be planned and done meticulously and project managed. You cannot for example, conduct a focus group and market estimation for your blogging project. At the most you can stick to a few basic rules and hope it succeeds.

Bloggers like Dave Taylor have already written them off. And the way the initial two posts are written, it does not bode well for the Blog Council (isn't the name also reeking of pompousness?)