Dec 1, 2007

Conducting needs assessment

I’ve been ruminating on the approach that organizations take to taking out pieces of the training process and looking at consulting support for the same. The typical approach to training support that organizations look for is during the delivery process.

Some organizations (including a former client of mine) also involve training consultants in the content design process. However, I haven’t really heard of any consultant doing the needs analysis piece before getting into learning design and intervention. By needs identification, I mean a comprehensive assessment of capability development, including which needs are actually related to skill building and learning and which needs might be addressed by either changing organizational structure or moving people around.

The problem is when external consultants/trainers are brought in without real assessment of needs being done. The root of the issue is that Organizational Effectiveness/Developmental work is often divorced from training design and delivery. Had written more on this topic here

What I would like to know is why organizations do not involve external help in actually conducting the needs assessment which is as important, if not more, than training design and delivery.

Any answers?