Dec 5, 2007

Developmental Needs Analysis

Training Needs Assessment would be the start point for any intervention, and one TNA exercise might give you inputs for many training and non-training interventions.

You can do the needs assessment at various levels: 

  1. Individual Level – You would get data about the developmental needs of an individual by feedback from the reporting manager and other stakeholders who interact with that person. The developmental needs might be classified as different, either skill-based, attitude based or knowledge based
  2. Team Level – A team might have a specific need that is due to a business or organizational need
  3. Role Level – For organizations that have a specific competency level defined for each level of the organizations, there would be role based needs depending on how managers in that level are currently.
  4. Organizational Level – Organizations might come up with certain needs that need to be driven across levels and locations and these need to be built for each person


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