Dec 18, 2007

Indian Recruiting firm starts a blog

When it comes to recruiters in India very few (that I know) have started blogging. There's of course my friend, Achyut Menon of Options, even Harinarayan flirted with blogging a little. Then there's Vinay Talwar and Sudhanshu Pant (who technically was in the US when he started blogging, before relocating back to India)

So it was exciting for me to discover that the team at Spearhead Intersearch had started a group blog.

My suggestion to any corporate group who wants to get blogging is:

  1. Before becoming a blogger concentrate on being a good reader of blogging
  2. Leave comments, discover a community and link posts
  3. Don't be shy of mailing bloggers when you think you have a great post that would benefit their readers
  4. There's a lot more competition for attention so building an audience will be slow.
  5. Don't expect immediate returns.
Oh, by the way, I have been nominated for ZoomInfo and in the Best HR Blog category.

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