Dec 18, 2007

Insightory gets featured on TechCrunch

It's not everyday that I can say that I blogged about a startup before they got featured by TechCrunch, but that has happened with (my earlier post on them, and TechCrunch's post on them) Congrats to Avneet and the rest of the team there.

Great to see that they've also started a blog to keep users informed about how they plan to develop the site. Check this post where Avneet talks about the TC effect on

My additional features "dream features" from insightory would be:

  • Ability to add to documents either by commenting or annotating
  • Building the "community" aspect of the site by giving the ability to add more details to the user's profile page
  • Ability to vote on usefulness, applicability and readability of a document.
Oh by the way, Avneet informs me that my article "How to get promoted" is one of the most popular articles by views (I'd love to know how many people have downloaded it and what they think of it)